New to ZenWorks Imaging here and a couple of questions. Zen 6.5, NW 6.5,
latest patches

Trying to image Windows XP Pro SP2 machines (Dells)

Scenerio 1
Imaging "new" machines, I just want to have to type in the "computer name"
when mini setup runs. I have 50 that are all the same supposedly and just
want to set one of them up and image it. I have the sysprep.inf files
configured. When running SysPrep, do I only check "mini-setup" and reseal?
Or should I check "Don't regenerate security identifiers" also?

Scenerio 2
Imaging machines that have already been imported into the tree as objects
and I want to keep the name the same. Once I have one set up like I want it
and I run sysprep. What do I check, if anything? Or do I even have to run
Sysprep in this scenerio?

Thanks for any help,