I downloaded the 2.6.11 bootcd.iso from the forge

I added my settings.txt and it seems to boot OK, but always tells me
that I need to extract the addon.tgz. I keep hearing people say that
it's working for them with no modifications whatsoever, but this just
doesn't seem to work out for me. I've tried extracting the addon.tgz
into the "ADDFILES" folder in the iso. It then seems to go through a
significantly more verbose boot (nice to see it use the NIC at full
duplex gigabit!). At bash I can see that the files are there, but it
tells me that permission is denied when I try to actually run img or
zisedit, etc...

At the moment I have only a rudimentary understanding of Linux, so I'm
not sure where to go from here. I need to get this to a point where it
will act like the previous discs I've used for the front line techs.
Type in manual, boot to bash, type in img, and so forth.

Be nice to get it to work with the GX270 too ;).

So, does anyone have a bootcd.iso that does actually work on the GX620
out of the box? Or maybe point me in the right direction?