The imaging path is located in a compiled file called IMG, which is
located inside the LINUX3.TAR file, which is inside the LINUX3.TGZ on the
Zen imaging boot CD. IMG can be opened with a hex editor, then
the /path/images/ string can be replaced with a string of your choice.
Here are the steps I used:

1. Open the Zen imaging BootCD iso file (with WinISO)
2. Extract LINUX3.TGZ to your desktop
3. Open LINUX3.TGZ and extract LINUX3.TAR (with a good zip pgm like 7-edit)
4. Open LINUX3.TAR and extract the IMG file.
5. Download a good hex editor, like Hexplorer, then open the IMG file
6. If using Hexplorer, use the REPLACE option to find and replace the
string "/path/archive.zmg" with the path string of your choosing.
7. Save the modified IMG file and exit Hexplorer.
8. Open up LINUX3.TAR (with 7-edit) and drop the modified IMG back in .
9. Drop that LINUX3.TAR into LINUX3.TGZ.
10. Open up the bootCD iso again (with WinISO) and replace the old
LINUX3.TGZ with the newly modified LINUX3.TGZ
11. Burn a new CD and you should see your customized path in the Zen
imaging GUI.

USB boot keys can be modified to do this too. With the USB-key, steps
1, 10 and 11 are not needed.


Bruce Haan
Sys Admin
Northside ISD
San Antonio, TX