Hi all,

I'm trying to MANUALLY image several critical machines through ZENworks
imaging (6.5 SP1). When I boot the imaging engine from a CD/DVD (bootcd.iso)
and manually launch the imaging process, everything works fine and I got my
<file>.img on the server.

Whenever I try to start the imaging engine through PXE, everything I get are
stupid PXE-E35 (TFTP Read Timeout) and PEX-E39 Cannot read from connection

In fact, I got the correct Proxy IP Address and the PXE Agent shows the 2
options for "ZENworks boot" and "Local boot" and selecting the "ZENworks
boot" gives me the above errors after a small timeout. The displayed Boot
Server IP Address is correct !

The ZENworks 6.5 SP1 server is installed in a Netwre 6.5 SP2 cluster.

Any help is greatly appreciated