I wrote this on July 20 in the middle of "things"

I have observed the following:
I can image the machine and create the 20 gig partition I mention below:

If I then install Suse, Yast does nothing to set up the windows partition
during installation and does not fully recognize it as a windows partion. I
can go ahead and manually set up the partion for access duing the
installation or add it to FSTAB, but once the system is started the
partition is unrecognized and unmounted. Looking at the logs i see that it
sees it as ntfs, but then cannot access and indicates the partition as
unknown - sorry lost the exact lines on the logs and with things now working
no longer have them.....

Ihad to download the disk management tools for the Western Digital drive and
use them to erase the dirve.

If I do a new XP install to a 20 gig partition from disk everything works
just fine. Yast recognizes the partition duing the installation and I can
access the NTFS files from liniux.

However, if I put GRUB in the MBR I run into trouble. I am also using
Zenworks. If I boot the windows and allow ziswin to run I can then not
reboot to windows without repairing the windows boot partition from the
windows repair console. I can boot in and out of linux all day with not
trouble - ziswin seems to be the culprit when running with grub in the MBR.
It seems to corrupt the windows boot files.

If I do not put grub in the MBR but instead add the linuc bin files to C:
to use the windows boot.ini file to boot linux then are stable.

I have also run into problems with other programs like diskkeeper not being
able to work with my imaged partitions from boot fro defreagmentation.

I have used both the imaging cd and PXE and seem to get the saem results.
Something is "kind of wrong" with the ntfs partitions I create with

What Kernal version should be running with imaging? (how do I tell) and
what can I do to make sure that my zenworks imaging tools including the
imaging server and linux "stuff"" are all "up to snuff"?

Robert Timberlake" <btimber@btimber.idl.ku.edu> wrote in message
news:pan.2005. edu...>I am trying to set
up an option to configure machines to Dual boot XPSP2
> and SUSE 9.3 Pro. I am NOT trying to image the Suse stuff but things
> would be speeded up if I could image the Windows Partition.
> I am using syspep to image. The initial image is from a 9 gig partition
> that I am expanding by 10000 K with the ExtendOemPartiton setting. Works
> fine and i get about 1/2 of a 40 gig drive to use for Linux.
> However Suse cannot "access" the windows partition. I have beaten my head
> of this thing for a week from the linux side of things and found that
> nothing I can do will allow access to the imaged windows partition.
> During installation of Linux the partition is "found" and an entry is set
> up in /etc/fstab to mount it, but nothing is set up in thew GRUB menues.
> I have to add the partition by hand. When I try to mount the windows
> partition I get errors in the system log to the effect that it is not an
> NTFS partition and that the superblock is corrupt. About every third
> attemp at mounting the windows partition i have to boot the the XP CD
> recovery console and fixboot.
> I finally installed XPsp2 from the slipstreamed CD and now the system
> works perfectly. Is there anything like modifying settings for the NTFS
> format function of the imaging system that could be modified to better
> suit and NTFS 3.1 partition? Any other ideas as to what miight be going
> on?