problems with hotfix:

- floating point errors when distributing images
- in some cases it helps that we use linuxes fdisk to delete all
partitions from hd.
- some cases we have to use killdisk/wipe to clean whole hd and then
dos bootkisk fdisk /mbr

- unicast distributions are dropping without noticible error. we'll
check echo $?

- bigger problem in general, we are using following scripts and similar
when distributing images

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 ntfs 18000
img pa1
img pc2 ext
img pc2 ntfs
img rp <server> \\<server>\path\image-d.zmg a1:p3
img rp <server> \\<server>\path\image-c.zmg a1:p1

when computer boots it runs chkdsk to all volumes. AND in check disk
prosess we see a lot of security / index errors which were corrected by

in many cases when using all the time the same script (same size
partitions) for some reason old files which where in "old" filesystem do
reappear in new just imaged file system. so it means that img run
doesn't thru whole file system.

AND then we have to run full wipe/killdisk.


is there newer version/build of this hotfix?