Scenario 1:
NetWare 6.5 sp3 server with Zen 6.5 sp1b
Pushed workstation image to server to multicast to lab.
In C1, set up server multicast job for all 15 machines with a 15-minute
timeout. No matter what we did, we could not get 4 machines to join the
session. Okay, fine. Well, after 20 minutes no images have started at all.

Scenario 2:
Rebooted the 15 machines to set up a manual multicast as clients. Gave
them all the same session name (different from scenario 1 to be safe)
Booted up the master image workstation and set it up as the multicast
master, 15 clients, 3 minute timeout. It took nearly 10 minutes for all
the machines to join the session.

Q1: Why didn't the server multicast session start?
Q2: Why did it take so long for the machines to join the session?