Hey guys,

I'm making a bootable DVD from the ZFD6.5 Imaging CD.

I've seen the TID regarding image files in excess of 2GB (thanks,
Novell ...) and here is where my problem starts.

So, i've taken my 2.8GB image file and split it into two parts - max size
of 1.5GB ea and have them stored on the dvd.

My question is, can I specify more than one image via the command line?

I've tried the following syntaxes...(failed)
A) img restorel /mnt/cdrom/image-base.zmg /mnt/cdrom/image-a1.zmg
B) img restorel /mnt/cdrom/image-base.zmg ; /mnt/cdrom/image-a1.zmg
C) img restorel /mnt/cdrom/image-base.zmg && img
restorel /mnt/cdrom/image-a1.zmg

Am i trying to do too much? I need to make sure that my (non technical)
users can restore the laptop with the DVD via a single command (bash

Thanks in advance.

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