I am trying to come up with a plan for offline imaging. I have the Zen 6.5
bootcd, and a handful of Dells with SATA drives. I'm not sure what the nics
are, but they don't work with the bootcd that I have. I don't really need
to fix the nic situation since imaging will all be happening completely

I would like to perform the following steps:

1) Build an XP image, leaving unpartitioned space on the drive
2) Use the Zen Bootcd or any partiitioning tool to create a linux partition
to hold the image (not necessarily a "Zen Partition", just a partition that
will not be available in windows)
3) Leave the mbr alone (as set by the xp install)
4) Reboot with the Zen CD
5) Mount the linux partition to /mnt/imgs
6) issue a makel command to image only the XP partition to /mnt/imgs/xxx.zmg
7) reboot from the zencd as needed to retrieve the image

Is it possible? If it will break at a specific step, which one would it be?
Will standard linux commands work?