In Windows its a reg key, in Netware its and INI file setting.
What does it do? And what is the format for Windows? String or DWord?

I am testing alternate PXE images (only way I can find at the moment is to
replace dinic.sys), and the WinPE I am testing is quite large. I have two

1) The ZENworks TFTP server seems to drop the session after a while. I'm
not sure whether this is time-related or bandwidth. In any case I can use
an alternate TFTP server to get around that.

2) I notice in that setting BlkSizeDisabled to "1" (String) makes large PXE
images download much faster (maybe 40% faster?). What does this setting do,
and am I right in saying that valid values are only 0 and 1 (Strings)?