We have an image which was built using a 4GB drive. We then use the script:

# del partitions
img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
# create and activate NTFS partition al entire HDD
img pc1 NTFS
img pa1
# restore partition 1 from image to HDD partition 1
img restorep $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/mypath/myimage.zmg a1:p1

to restore the image. This works great on 95% of the computers we have, but
on certain models of hard drives, this fails. The image appears to be
restored successfully, but the computer will not boot. We end up with a
flashing cursor in the upper-left of the screen. If I restore the image
without using the whole disk (4GB partition as in the image), it works fine.

Any ideas?

ZenWorks 6.5 SP1b and ZenWorks HotPatch 3a