identified our problems with imaging for next thing.

something goes wrong with "img pc" process with gx620 pc's. it doesn't
always create partition or partition is somehow wrong. echo $? value is
then 130. after img pc you should normally get list of partitions after
creation but in these cases it gives blank screen with blinking cursor
in lower left corner. then we use our fdisk script to get rid of all
partitions few times and few times following script:

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 ntfs 18000
sleep 5
img pa1
sleep 5
img pc2 ext
sleep 5
img pc2 ntfs
img rp <server> \\<server>\path\image-d.zmg a1:p3
img rp <server> \\<server>\path\image-c.zmg a1:p1

and after 2-3 runs it works again and creates right partitions.
purpose of those sleeps is that we can see when we have blank screen aka
something wrong with creation. before those sleep commands in script i
could when something was weong by seeing that rp prosess wasn't
restoring $Logfile in the beginning of restore.

so then two questions:

1) Has anyone seen this kind of problems, or are we alone?

2) Those with Zen7 is the PXE package newer than in hotpatch3a? linux
kernel or drivers?

mikko @ evtek

p.s i know i should open an incident to fix this ;)
p.p.s is there a email address to inform defects in products?