Maybe you have any ideas,
Notebook NC6120c
winxppro sp2
vmware workstation 5
Host system 8 GB C: and vmware installed on it.
Guest system on D: 40 GB located \vm\xp-work and this virtual disc is 10GB

I created a guest system with 10GB.
I tried to get a image from a zenserver via pxe, target should be the guest

After that I started this guest system and pxe menu was displayed, I changed
to manual mode. This worked well.
But if I tried now to make a partition (img pc1 ntfs,..) it was not able.
system hangs, I waited more then 30 minutes always the same.
What I could see was 4 empty hdd parts. (img d)
I looked inside the guest system with F2 BIOS setup and I could see Master
HDD is VM virtual disc, ecactly what I created under vmware.

I could read there are some people work well with vmware,
thanks in advance