This is not a request for help, it's a tip. I've been working with Zen
imaging (versions 3 through 7) for a couple of weeks solid, and I'd like to
share an observation.

If your a small to medium sized business with limited resources and you need
a reliable disk imaging system,


It's buggy, inconsistent, poorly documented, and has bad hardware support.
Novell won't give you any support, although they will happily take more of
your money and waste even more of your time on the phone just to refer you
to the knowledge base and support forums. Look through TIDs and these
forums and you'll see how many problems remain unsolved, and how often
workarounds and unsupported hacks have to be applied.

The cost of the time that you'll waste trying to get it to work will easily
outwiegh any benefit that you could ever derive.

It is not my intent to denegrate the helpful people who post solutions here.
Your efforts are appreciated.

Good Luck to you all.