Hi all.

We're running ZfD 6.5 SP1 on Netware 6.5. We've used the out of the box
PXE files for a few months now, and imaged most of our PCs with no
problems at all. We've received a load of new machines using intel's
new i945 chipset, which uses a PCI-express ethernet controller. The
standard zen PXE image/kernel doesn't support this - the e1000 driver
is too old. I got the build scripts from Novell Forge and built my own
using Kernel and added the driver. It all boots, and now sees
the NIC no problem.

But, the version of img included with the scripts is - which
seems to be the version with the RTM release of Zen 6.5. SP1 uses If you try and do an automatic session, it gives the message
"Error: Newer software is required. Please update your PXE files".

I next resorted to pulling the img binary out from the linux3.tgz and
adding it into the addon.tgz created by the scripts. It now shows
version, but it won't run! I swapped our old PXE files back in
to check, and version will communicate with the imaging server
quite happily. I've seen reference to /etc/ZUpdate.sig, and I've
changed the version number in there to 6510, but its made no

Is there something else I've missed?!

David Rickard