Iím testing Zenworks Imaging and I was trying to put a Image on a
workstation. Iíve created an script to restore this workstation. It
work fine, without problem using PXE.

I work with non-registered workstation and Iíve selected option ĎForce
Down a Zenworks .....í (without this option it donít put the image).
My doubt is about the workstation start with PXE and automatically
recover the image into the workstation, when it finnish , the
workstation restart and then recover again his its image. Itís a loop.
To stop this loop I must disable Imaging Server Policy.

Is there a solution to this problem?? Which is the best best way to
work ??

For example, I would like use Zenworks Imaging to recover images on a
several workstations when somebody switch workstation on or if it's
posible using 'Wake on Lan'

Ferran Vidal