We are having a problem imaging new/unformatted HDD's from our repair
center, or even from a store. After the imaging process completes, and
the computer reboots to run the mini-setup for WinXP, all that we get is
a blinking cursor on a black screen. If we take that same drive, put our
old Image that was applied via Win PE Boot CD, then the drive is fine,
and can be re-imaged with Zenworks after our old image was applied. It
just seems as though there is an issue trying to access the MBR, or the
actual partition to be recognized by the computer when Zenworks is
responsible for creating it. Currently we are using a scripted imaging,
and the following is the partitioning portion of that script...

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 NTFS 10000
img pc2 NTFS
img pa1

The driver manufacturer/size does not make any kind of difference. We
are running the Zenworks 6.5 Imaging kernel on dell/ibm hardware.