I am having trouble getting a PXE enabled workstation to pickup an IP
address from a different VLAN. In the core VLAN the workstations pick up an
IP just fine. I am running DHCP and zenworks on different servers. Our core
switch is 2 3com 4070s stacked with a XRN kit. I have enabled the UDP
helpers in the following fashion. Our DHCP server is and our
Zenworks Server is Each server is a Netware 6.5 SP2. We are
using Zenworks 6.5.

DHCP and Proxy DHCP Servers -UDP Port 67, 68, and 4011 all pointed to
TFTP Server- UDP Port 69 pointed to
RPC Port Map Server- UDP Port 111 pointed to
Transaction Server- UDP Port 18753 pointed to

I have also configured a global parameter in the DHCP server scope for port
60 pointed to the server.

Any thoughts

Thanks alot Tim