I have been banging my head against the wall, trying to put a Zenworks
image on Gateway M350WVN notebook.
I have sure I have all needed drivers in the devicepath in the registry
and have tried rebuilding the massstorage section as well as doing it
myself line by line.
I am not new to imaging and can put the image on other systems without
The notebook has a 852/855 GM/GME chipset and has a multiprocessor HAL
so I have UpdateHAL=ACPIAPIC_MP,%windir%\inf\hal.inf in the sysprep.inf
Once I put the image on the laptop and reboot the screen is very dim
and I can barely make out the Windows logo. It stays like that until I
use the keyboard to turn up the brightness on the screen. Once I do
that, I can see it is progressing along as it should until it reaches
"windows xp setup ... please wait..." it freezes.
If I go into the Bios and disable hyprethreading it works fine. It
shows it has a multiprocessor hal and I can re-enable things in the
BIOS and
everything works.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?