I got a standard image file to apply to all my currently existing Computer
(which is already registered in the NDS). When I do an automatic imaging
from my c1 by right click the workstation object and select "Put an image
onto this workstation on next boot" . After the workstation restart, it
will download the standard image from the servers. What happen is that if
I apply to more than one workstation, they would be workstation
Identification (Computername) Issue here. Am I right ? or the existing
workstation name will be replaced by the new computer name given in the
image file. This will be a manual work to change all the computer after
reboot, is there a way to get rip off this problem.

This is talking about the registered workstation. How do I come across
this issue. Do you think I have to delete all the workstation object first
before I do that, Then It will be an unregistered workstation with
autoimaging using the server imaging policy.