One of the things my company does is provide a workstation "prep"
service. We will take your companies image, and when your new pc's come
in, apply that image to each new pc and do a burn in, etc ... It's quite
popular and a handy service when you have lot's of new pc's coming in
the door.

We currently support altiris and ghost and pq image typs, and would like
to support the zmg file format ... since a few of our customers (and
possibly more ...) are using zen.

Is it possible to use the image server process without having to have an
entire zen installation up and running? Ideally, if we could have just
the image server component running say on a windows machine ... and then
use M$ boot floppies to get an IP address and map a drive the share
where the zmg files are stored .... that would be awesome.

Is this possible? We are a novell partner, and do have access legally to
the software, and would be using it to further the novell cause vis a
vis zen.