After a multicast session I am recieving an error after logging in that

"A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for
this computer. Error Code 0x80070002."

I click on OK and it returns me back to log in. I have done a lot of
research on the web about this with no solution. There is a microsoft
knowledgebase article that says to delete some reg keys but they do not
exist on of the workstations. I have tried extracting and reinstalling
the license key using Magic Jellybean with no success. I have used
SysPrep and entered the key that is on each machine, but it returns an
error that says the key is invalid. I then put in the key that appears
on my Corporate Edition XP CD and it takes it but I still get the error.

In the past I have just rebuilt the image. In this case, I would rather
not due to the large volume of software on it.

This error seems to be widespread with no solution and maybe only for
Corporate Edition XP installs.

Any ideas?