Can please someone help me.

I have a image that contains 3 partitions

1) 64MB - Dell partition
2) 8GB - NTFS (Windows 2000)
3) 32GB - NTFS (=Drive D:)

Partition 2 is aktive.

When i restore the complete image it works fine.

The trouble begins when i delete partition 2 and restore only partition 2
with the a2:p2 option of the img program.
The error says: "NT compression cluster size mismatch"
The partition was not compressed when the image was made.

The cluster size of partition 2 of the complete image is 512 bytes.
When i use the cluster option in the "img pc2 NTFS cluster=512" is gives
an error that the cluster size is max 128 (=2GB max. partitionsize).

The version of img is Is this "as designed" or is this changed
in the SP2 version?

TIA Lamello