This has been a problem for us for the past few months (I don't remember
when it started).

I was hoping it would be fixed with ZEN 7 but it's not.

If I use Image Explorer to open a .ZMG file, everything is OK. If I add
files, it is OK. I can extract selected files to an Add-On Image, and
that is OK.

But when I try to use Image Explorer to actually extract files, Image
Explorer crashes every time.

In the past we discovered that it crashed whenever you saved to a
special folder like "My Documents" or "Desktop" instead of using the
full path.

But now it doesn't make a difference.

Just tried the ZEN 7 version of Image Explorer to extract files from a
..ZMG file created with ZEN 6.x version of Image Explorer. Crashed.

Created a new Add-on Image with Image Explorer v7. Saved image.
Attempted to extract file - crash.

Can anyone get this darned thing to extract files without crashing?