Good morning folks.

We have a few different laptops which we usually image using ghost, but we
want to move the across to zenworks 6.5 imaging proper. One set uses the
orinoco chipset which I have the drivers for and this works fine on a
zenworks 4 set of bootdisks - it installs the partition and connects to
the imaging server, reports no work to do but does not upgrade from 4.01
to 6.5. This isn't so much of an issue, more annoying that the drivers
don't seem to want to work with 6.5 when injecting them into the boot
image. It would appear that we would be able to image these ones without
too much of an issue.

The real problem we have is that we have 30 laptops with Netgear WG511
cards in them - Netgear pretty much seem to ignore that linux exists and
drivers are really hard to find for them. I've tried the prism54 driver
but it doesn't recognise the card on Zen 4 or zen 6.5.

If anyone has had any luck with the cards and can shed some light on my
problem I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks

Matt Charlton