I have a critical problem which I may open an incident on soon.

Prior to SP2, I've imaged approximately 60 or so HP NC 6220 laptops.
POST SP2, all of them overheat when imaging. I mean burn your hand
touching the laptop near the cpu overheat. This is both when receiving
or sending an image.

I can only assume that something in the imaging is driving the cpu at
100% all the time. That being the case, the cooling should still handle
it, not sure why it's not.

The imaging will lock up at various points during the process. I tried
to apply 2 different images, then trying to take a laptop and send an
image to the server. Anywhere between 20-70% it locks up and the
notebook is extremely hot. I'm reloading windows on one of those right
now and it's cool to the touch during use. I have tried this on 5
different machines now and they all do the same thing.