When I try to do a multicast image either from the server or the cd I
have the following program.

I would setup the master and go and boot up the clients. If it's a
server based image the pc's see there is work for them so it boots to the
zenwork imaging and gets the correct session name but never joins the
mutlticast image.

If I use a cd and I type in the multicast session name it doesn't joing
the session.

This is a sporadic problem. Sometimes if I reboot or wait 10 mins they
will join. Other times the just never join and I have to image them by
hand. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Oh, I'm running zenwork 6.5 on a novell 6.5 server and have I had this
problem on novell 6 servers. When we have zenwork 4 I never had this