Hello can someone offer some advice if possible.
I am running Zen 6.5 on a netware 6 box in a clustered environment.

When i try and auto image a PC by ticking the box "Put an image on this
workstation on next boot" from the workstation object, in combination
with "remote wakeup" some PC's image and some don't

I have no problems with HP D510 SFF PC's once I have set the remote
wakeup boot service to remote server from Local HD.

I am having issues with IBM PC's in particular the S50 and S51. these
machines have Broadcom netxtreme gigabit ethernet NIC's. The PC's will
remotely wakeup ok and PXE boot runs but they don't boot into imaging and
go through to Windows.

Has anyone had problems with this type of network card/PC and wake on LAN
auto imaging ?