Ok. I tried to PXE boot image a lab of 21 computers (1st multicasting
them, 2nd one @ a time), as I have done before, but no matter what I
tried the machines were not picking up the image. I then tried forcing
the image doing Ctrl + Alt during the PXE boot, went through the settings
only to receive a "Could not connect to Image Server" error. I then re-
booted and at the bash# prompt typed img i z and only received the same
error "Could not connect to Image Server" followed by "Switching to Run
level:6" error. Server is running, I could use my Zen for all other
features but imaging.
Since I got Zenworks I HATE to manually configure machines and have come
to be spoiled with Zen to the point of not wanting to Ghost machines
anymore. PLEASE HELP! Thanks.