Yesterday I upgraded ZEN from 6.5.1B to 6.5.2. Everything seems to work fine from the server end. However, I am having a major problem with imaging now.

When I boot to PXE, after I get the ZEN Imaging window and I select the Manual mode, I get the error "Passed undefined mode number" Hit Return to see video modes or Enter to continue.

When you hit return no matter which mode you select it just changes the font and take you to the bash prompt, continue does the same.

Then when you go to restore the image, it loads the image screen with the correct IP for the image server and the correct path for the zmg file then freezes. After about 12 -15 minutes I receive the error: " Error: Failed to read from Image Server, see documentation"

I checked the Image server and it seems to be running fine, except it does not update the requests.

Yesterday this was working perfectly.