Im trying to use Sysprep on ZenWorks images.

The idee:

We have alot of PC's (from HP) but there are difrent models, that means
difrent hardware. When i make an image i make one for each model..

But what i would like to do here, is to make one image that "works" on
all models, byt that i mean an image that all PC' can boot on, just
dont find the right drivers.

And i want to have all drivers for all models in a driver dir on the

I did this to test it out:

I had one *HP 230mt machine*, made an image with drivers for a *HP Evo
310* stored under -%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Drivers\
followed by 3 folders, 1 for ethernet, 1 for gfx, one for soundcard..

In the sysprep.ini i added -"OemPnPDriversPath=C:\Drivers\
I sealed the machine, rebooted and made an image.
Then i loaded the image to the *310 Machine*, it booted sysprep starts
and so on..

But it cant find the drivers... and it doesnt say anything. Windows
just starts and finds new hardware... like it would normally do.

Im missing something here?