After upgrading to Zen 6.5 SP2, imaging via PXE on a Dell OptiPlex GX270
with a SATA drive hangs at "Passed undefined mode number. Hit Return to see
video modes or Enter to continue." At first, I though the issue was with
the add-on video card, so I removed it and use the onboard Intel, but the
same thing happened.

I've narrowed the issue down to SATA because imaging loads up perfectly if I
use an IDE hard drive. If I disable the SATA hard drive, imaging loads
perfectly (it just can't find any drives to image, which would be expected).
I know it isn't the hard drive because I have the same issue on other SATA
GX270 systems. If I boot off of the SP2 boot cd, imaging works.

Since a workaround is available, this isn't a *huge* deal, but it would be
nice to get imaging to function with PXE on the systems. The BIOS is the
latest from Dell, version A06 and there isn't a normal/combination mode
(that I'm aware of).

Has anyone else encountered this issue or know of a solution?