We are running ZfD 6.5 (recent implementation) and are trying to get PXE up
and running.
DHCP and PDHCP are on different servers and PXE works well if the
workstation picks up an IP from Subnet1 but not if it receives the IP from

The problem is that a workstation can receive an IP address from either
192.168.220.x (Subnet1)
192.168.221.x (Subnet2)

The PDHCP.INI is setup to point Subnet1 for TFTP and as such a workstation
will only connect over PXE if it happens to receive it's IP from Subnet1.
Otherwise, it will fail out to "PXE-E35: TFTP Read Timeout".

The standalone ZfD 6.5 server has an IP address for each subnet

Any ideas on how to deal with this issue?