(copy from ZEN7 forum)


I'm experiencing a tough problem with ZEN7 and ZEN65.SP2 imaging here: We
use imaging to roll out syspreped WinXP but try to preserve the second
partition (drive D:). We use "img pd1", "img pc1 NTFS" and then "img
restorep (server) (image)a1:p1". Very often it happens that the old FS is
not erased, leading to a completely messed system. Symptoms are black
screen (without blinking cursor), blue screen, error messages during
sysprep etc. I even saw chkdisk during sysprep trying to recover the old
file system. When you start BartPE you can access the partition an see the
old files and directories sitting there, accessable, readable. My problem
is that I can't reproduce it in a stable way. It does not seem to be
related to hardware as I saw it on Notebooks, Desktops SATA drives, IDE
drives... I have a call open with Novell support for 3 weeks now but they
only sate that they can't reproduce it. But I have seen threads in this
the ZfD 6 forum, describing the same or similar problems.
Does anybody have the same problems? Are you able to reproduce it? Any
how to get this solved as Novell Support wasn't helpfull an I have a major
blocker on my project.