One of the customizations I've made to the boot cd in the past forces the
client NIC to a specific linespeed/duplex (see this Cool Solution:

In testing the sp2 CD, I could use the built-in ethtool it to see that, as
expected, my client autonegotiates to 100/half although connected to a
static 100/full line. I can also use ethtool to correct this manually.

I have not been able to determine the appropriate location to add this
modification so that it occurs automatically during the boot process
(preferably just after the network is brought up, as in the Cool Solution

I've looked through the root and initrd file structures, and assumed there
would be some variation of the usual /etc/init.d/network structure (or at
least a network script as with the old CD), but did not find any.

Anyone know the location of the network startup scripts? Or at least, what
would be the appropriate location to make this type of network settings mod?
Or even documentation that would help?