Hi everyone

Where did that weekend go?

Netware 6.5SP2 and ZEN6.5SP1

We've been using a mixture of multicast and image policy based imaging and
so far it's worked quite well. However, two problems exist that I've not
yet been able to overcome...

Problem 1
I've written an imaging script that downloads our standard XP image from
the PXE server to a 15Gb NTFS partition and then immediately copies it to
a 2Gb FAT32 partition so that we can then reimage the workstation without
bothering the WAN too much. The image on the PXE server volume is 739Mb,
but sometimes and only sometimes, the image downloads, then IMG starts
copying it to the FAT32 partition, it gets part-way through and I get
the "out of space on destination message" appear. Sometimes it works fine,
but others, it fails. Here is the script...

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 ntfs 15000
img pa1
img pc2 fat32 2000
mkdosfs /dev/sda2
img restorep pxe.server.lan //pxe.server.lan/vol1/image/hp7000.zmg a1:p1
mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/harddisk
img makel1 /mnt/harddisk/local.zmg

Anyone suggest what might be going wrong? After looking carefully, one
pattern I have noticed is that it does sometimes stop when it hits a file
called ZFDAGE~1.EXE. Now the only thing I can think of is that I recently
overwrote the old agent with the zfdagent from SP2 using the image
explorer but thinking about it, we were getting the problem before this.

Problem 2
When we are imaging a large number of PC's using multicast, I temporarily
disable the imaging policy to stop them from being reimaged before they
are imported into edirectory. What we are finding though is that the
workstation imports into edirectory correctly but that the image safe data
is not properly collected-looking at the history in ZISWIN, it
says, "Error occured while saving the image-safe data. Current user does
not have rights to read and write image-safe data". Now if we click EDIT
and then CLEAR IMAGE SAFE DATA, reboot and login as exactly the same user,
the image safe data is updated correctly and the workstation object
details are correctly shown.
Again, any suggestions

Sorry for the long winded explanation but I figure the more info I give
you the better.

Many thanks