Took an image of a WS configured for DHCP. Trying to push it back down to a
WS that we want to redeploy. The redeployed WS previously had a dedicated
IP address but in its new state we want it to be assigned DHCP. So we push
the image down to it and when ZISWIN runs it sets the WS back to the
dedicated IP info in Sector 6. So after the ZISWIN boot we set the WS to
use DHCP but it won't obtain an address. We reboot, no joy. We try
/release and /renew, no joy. We uninstall the NIC, we disable and re-enable
the Network Connection, we try a different NIC, we try a different port on a
different switch, ALL no joy. Then we check the DHCP Client service and its
not set to Automatic Start, we turn it on and everything starts working
perfectly. This has happened on quite a few WS's that previously had
dedicated IP addresses. I don't know where the fault lies, but was
wondering if anyone else had run into this issue?