First, I've got to say that ZEN has saved me countless hours of work...

Here's the problem: I just brought in some Gateway M280 laptops. I was
able to send an image up to the server, and bring it back down to a second
machine. When the new machine boots, it writes the image safe data (agent
is installed) and then reboots and begins to load XP -- everything looks
normal, but it hangs after the splash acreen, at a black screen with the
cursor arrow, and then unresponsive.

I have tried booting into safe mde, and it gets to the login screen, but
then will not let me log in (tired local administrator, and it starts to
boot then logs off and back to the login screen).

I have tried making other images, and tried a direct multicast, and tried
imaging and using only the XP partition... no luck.

I've also tried this with both 6.5 sp2 and 7; same results.

Has anyone had similar experience with this problem? TIA....

Paul Jackson
Dir. of Tech
Bishop O'Dowd High School
Oakland, CA