Please forgive this long post. I'm trying to be very detailed.

I want to be able to re-image workstations that have workstation objects
imported into the tree via PXE. Still working on my Imaging knowledge, but
I've the following accomplished:

1) DHCP with option 60 set
2) pdhcp.ini has been edited to include USE_BINL_PORT=1
3) automatic workstation import
4) Zen imaging server
5) Created created images manually using PXE & pressing Ctrl-Atl for
mainenance mode.
6) image object created in ConsoleOne
7) have created rule in the server package to Zen an image if workstation
does not contain an object on the Work To Do tab
8) special user "PIC" that sets the workstation name (prompted after login)
and copys the appropriate hosts file for the site with the zenwsimport entry

What the above setup gives me is:
1) automatic imaging of new workstations booted with PXE
2) after imaging and ZfD Imaging Agent finishes process, I login as the
user "PIC" and enter a workstation name.
3) new workstation is then imported properly into the tree in correct

1) the ability to use ConsoleOne to reimage a workstation
2) have a new workstation automatically obtain an image and let a tech name
the workstation after imaging

If I want to re-image a workstation, I use the following process:
1) check workstation name with either ZisWin or boot with PXE & Ctrl-Alt
for maintenance mode and use zisedit
2) clear ZIS data - either with ZisWin or zisedit -r at bash prompt
3) delete workstation object from tree
4) reboot workstation with PXE and let the server policy handle the work to
do if a workstation is not imported

Currently my images do not contain the zenwsimport entry in the hosts file.
If the image has the zenwsimport, the workstation was imported with the
generic name of the computer on the image.

I only want to name the workstation once - via a manual process instead of
an automatic name generation. We use Site-Room#-Computer# for our
workstation names.

If I re-image, I know the Zen Imaging Agent is supposed to save/restore the
workstation name, but then the zenwsimport enty is not in the hosts file. I
guess I could have a force run always app object to copy the hosts file

Is there a better way to accomplish my goals? The machines are HP d5000s.
I did not run sysprep before imaging, but did run zisedit -r.

NW 6.5 SP3
ZfD 6.5 SP1

Thanks for the suggestions,