We are trying to image "bare metal" (Gateway E series) machines with
Zenworks 6.5 sp2. After using the workstation imaging policy to dump the
image to the clean machine (ie no Image safe Data), after reboot, the
Zenworks Imaging Windows Agent hangs for a long time, then finally the
machine runs out out virtual memory and crashes.

If I take a machine in the above described state, disable the wokstation
imaging policy in edir, then clear the image safe data off the computer
that had been applied by the imaging policy, the machine then boots and
imports with no problem. This is not a long term solution since we end up
with duplicate workstation objects (by netbios name).

I tried editing a view fields (including netbios name) in the image safe
data after imaging but before initial boot, with no effect. Only a
complete clear of image safe data will allow the machine to boot properly.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug. We are new to Zenworks
imaging, and to date have not had any success with it.

Any help is appreciated.

Nathan C. Broome
Oberlin College