Automatic Imaging was working yesterday, today it isn't? When I download
an image to a workstation per hand it works fine. The workstation is not
yet in edir. The workstation gets imported into edir and I can use Remote
control. The Wks-Inventory also works. When I goto this pc and do a
ZISWIN the Workstation ID & Workstation Name fields are empty?? I goto the
Workstation Object and tell it to download a particular image during next
boot. This doesn't work. This happens on several different H/W platforms
and with several different images.

When I use ZISEDIT and manually enter the Workstation Object DN. Then
reboot and login, then reboot again, it works?

It looks like the Workstation Registration proccess isn't working properly
or the Agent isn't writing the Image-Safe data properly? When I look in
the registry the Tree, Workstation Object DN, etc. is all there, it just
doesn't showup in ZISWIN? The Agent is from ZDM65sp2.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.