I work in an environment where we must encrypt our hardrives. When we
try and automate imaging on the computers with encrypted hardrives we
cannot image because our partition commands cannot see the encrypted

This is the script we are trying to use:

img pd1 *delete first partition
img pd2 *delete second partition
img pc1 ntfs 20000 * create 20 gig ntfs partition 1
img pc2 * use remainder of space and create
partition 2
img rp <proxy server> <path to image file> a1:p1 a2:p2 *image
img pa1 *set first partition active

Since partition 1 is encrypted we cannot delete it in the first command
because the 'system' cant even see the partition.

Is there a way to just wipe the mbr or all partitions in linux. I know
we can use fdisk but this requires user intervention and we would like
to automate this.

Any input would greatly be apreciated! This is one of those problems
that has stumped us for now...