I have two questions about the image safe data.

1 If I rename a workstation, at what point does the image safe data update?
I have a situation where if I rename a workstation then after one reboot and
windows starts, if I shut down and reboot again and check the image safe
data, the workstation name has changed but the workstation ID for eDirectory
hasn't changed. Using and unreg, deleting the workstation object from the
tree and then registering again doesn't help. Is there a fix other than
manually editing the image safe data?

2 I thought it might be a good idea to move my imported workstations to a
container that reflected their location in the organisation. When I move
the workstation, and then try to remote control it I get an invalid or
obsolete workstation object error. If I check the image safe data the
workstation ID for eDirectory does not reflect its new position in the tree.
If I move a workstation object in the tree, should the image safe data
update to reflect the change? Or, do I have to edit this changed
information manually?