We are imaging using Zen 6.5 SP 2. We have been able to add on images but
when we try to add on GW 7 in the last entry below, it gets put into the
NalCache but does not install, If I use the App Explorer it installs but
not as an add in. I ge tno errors. GW 7 was created using Admin Studio for
Zen and doen as a snap shot. On our base image xpsp2.zmg we add in WMS.exe
for GW later on. Can anyone help out on why GW 7 ont install when done as
an add on. Also, anyone have any notes on Imaging and Add-On, best

img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/zen/image/xpsp2.zmg

img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/zen/image/InstallNameWorkstation.zmg

img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/zen/image/InstallAdobeReader6.zmg

img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/zen/image/InstallMSOffice2003STD.zmg

img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/zen/image/GroupWise7Install.zmg