We just got some Dell D610 laptops and they have the Trusted Platform
Module (TPM) and we are having trouble imaging them.

The imaging goes thru just fine but as soon as you boot into Windows and
login to the network you get a Windows error message saying "idlist 593,
1019". It's a different number each time so I don't really know what the
number means. There's nothing in the Event Viewer and I tried doing a
Google search on it but it comes up with different solutions that don't
really pertain to this. It only seems to happen when you login to the
network, if you login Workstation Only the error message does not come up.

We are using Zen 6.5 SP1b. We have some Dell D510 laptops that work just
fine with imaging. The only difference between the D510 and D610 is the
TPM. TPM is extra security in case you lose your laptop someone cannot
get to your files.

We've tried to disable TPM in Bios and we get the same result.

any ideas would be appreciated.