I have a MPC ClientPro 375 with a 945gcz chipset. I am trying to build a
new zen boot cd allowing access to our image server. I have recompiled in
Fedora 4 a kernel and initrd. I have finally been able to get the chipset
recognized and the network card working using the bootcd, but am unable to
use the zen portion of the boot cd. Our normal process is type in manual,
let the isolinux script run then type in img. That takes us to a screen
that allows for a proxy image to be installed.

I am using isolinux for the boot cd and am a noobie with linux. It's taken
me several distro's along with numerous recompiles and about a week of time
to get this far.

BTW: I am a contractor and will be on until the end of the year.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks, in Advanced.