When adding a workstation to an A/D domain after imaging the netdom join
command is unable to do a netbios lookup of the computer name.

Wins has been configured on the DC (W2K3) and the workstation is present
in the list as it is in DNS. The computer object can be created with
netdom in the A/D domain with no issues it is only when the Netdom Join
command is used the Netbios resolution issue raises its head. (this i
found out by doing a packet trace, DNS works fine Netbios-NS reports it
cant resolve the name)

The workstation can be manually put into the domain with the GUI with no
issues. Netdom query command run on the workstation also reports the same
error as does verify.

The users used are local w/s administrator and domain administrator.

I know this is a MS issue but it is only appears on a PC that is in eDir
as well as A/D

Any Thoughts????????????????????