Hi All,

We have ZFD 6.5 (don't think it has been patched, updated from ZDF 4.01) running on a Netware 6.5 SP3 server. We have been re-imaging our workstations successfully for the last couple of years without any problems. We have two basic images - student and staff - both are updated occassionally when required.

Our workstations are all identical - IBM Type: 8184, Model: RMB is this helps.

The server has not been changed or updated for sometime. Our problem has just started all of a sudden.

Our problem is at the Zenworks Imaging Windows Agent stage after re-imaging and rebooting the w/s. Normally, the the agent reconfigures the w/s with the Image Safe data then reboots it and it's ready to be use, but now all that happens is the PC is shutdown. When you reboot the w/s you are back at the agent reconfiguration stage, again the w/s is shutdown. I have logged into the w/s during the agent reconfig stage, but it eventually takes over and shuts the w/s down.

This problem started when we re-imaged our student w/s (about 30) recently. The problem appeared on one machine and after trying to get it to work on that one machine without success we eventually replaced it and completed the rest of the w/s without any further occurrences of the problem so thought the problem isolated to the one w/s.

When looking at the problem w/s we tried the other image, but had the same result. I then tried earlier versions of our images (restored from backup), but they too failed at the agent reconfiguration stage.

This then prompted me to try re-imaging a different machine, but it too failed with current and past images.
I then created a new image of my w/s and used it on a third w/s, but it too failed.
I also used my w/s in a master/client multicast session which also failed.

I can only conclude that the problem is at the server, but don't know where to start looking.
Can anyone help?