I just upgarde my Zen6.5patch1b to Zen 6.5patch2 because I've got 15 New Nec Vl350 with SATA drive on it and with Zen6.5(1b) I couldn't use imaging (because of SATA support)

I've got the same problem with SP2.
When the Linux boot is running and when I do Alt+F4 I can see this messages:
"SATA1 No device found"
"SATA2 No device found"

After that when I do "mount" I see that i do not have any drive and if I try to mount sda1 I do not have any device.

To end Up I can not see my SATA drive.

I tried "http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/14318.html" (PXE Imaging on Serial ATA).
I'll get the files and add them to my BootCD with winiso but I still can't find my drive.

Any help would be appreciable.