-ZENworks 6.5 SP3
-NetWare 6.5 SP4 or OES SP1
-The Imaging server is on a different segment than what I am connected
to, so we have a IP helper setup on the network.
-<servername>-ZIS object has Browse, Read, and File Scan to ROOT

-Client 4.91 SP1 installed without NMAS
-ZENworks DMA 6.5.3 installed and registered the workstation which
created a workstation object (5FH5K01)
-I can view the Workstations (5FH5K01) image safe data, using ZISVIEW or ZISWIN
-On the workstation (5FH5K01) I set PXE to be the first boot device

-Edited the workstation object (5FH5K01) to Put an image on this
workstation on next boot and specified the image location.
-Created a workstation policy with a Imaging rule using the MAC address
equal to the workstation (5FH5K01). No spaces or dashes.

-MAnual PXE imaging works just fine.
-Its when I set a workstation to get an image automaticllay that is does
not work.
-At the bash prompt typed img a and receive the message 'No work to
-No matter what I try I get the same message. No work to do.